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Not only POHLI´s company colour is GREEN!

Responsibility for the future! Start now!

Since the beginning of industrialisation, the concentration of CO² in the atmosphere has increased continuously. The greenhouse effect is the result. Due to long and intensive research it is now possible to produce renewable raw materials. These raw materials are based on green plants. The advantage is clear: plants need to consume CO² for their growing. This is a contribution to reduce the greenhouse effect.

A further fact is, that the worldwide oil reserves are limited. We should start to use alternatives to oil based plastic materials right now. Therefore we also offer a large part of our programme made of bio plastic. These materials are not only made from renewable resources, lots of them are also biodegradable.

An alternative to save resources is to recycle. It is possible to recycle glass as often as wanted, without changes in quality. By using glass returns less energy is required to melt the batch. But it is also possible to recycle plastic to raw material. As a further alternative we offer products made from PCR (post-consumer-recycled) material. You could save resources and reduce your CO² footprint while using these materials!

Products made of alternative and sustainable materals

In addition to our wide range of standard articles, Pohli continues to expand the product range to meet the ever-increasing demand for alternative and sustainable materials.

Even glass is already a sustainable material, we extended our range to products, which are made from 100 % recycled glass. Additionally we are offering a large range of closures made from alternative material, such as Braskem®, moulding powder (urea) or tinplate. On request, there are also liners made from cardboard or unglued liner available.

Products with wood components, such as screw caps with wooden outer parts, pipettes with wooden collars or whole wooden plugs, are also very popular. Packages made from alternative materials such as recycled PET, recycled polypropylene, Recyclat, or Braskem® are also available.

Here are some examples of alternative products:

from the left: 100% recycled PET bottles "ALEX"BRASKEM® HDPE bottles "Basic Round"25% - 100% recycled PET jars "Big Pot"

from the left: Wooden closures for bottles and jars100% recycled material glass jar "Licata"Cosmetic jar made of recycled polypropylene

Under aspects of sustainability we only use very modern production methods, specified raw materials from well known producers and we are always in process of analysing opportunities for savings of raw material, energy and costs. The maintenance of existing jobs and development of future jobs is one of our biggest targets. Related products we source direct from the European region, mainly from:

Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, France, Belgium, Lithuania