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buckets & canister

In our central warehouse in Wuppertal we stock al common sizes of buckets. The volume ranges from 1.000 m to 30.000 ml, both with and without handle.

The standard colour is white, some sizes are also available in black and transparent as standard stock items. In general, we also offer every bucket in other standard colours such as: transparent, black, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, light blue.

Our buckets are waterproof, food safe and have stacking fixation that prevents them from riding-up during shipment. Buckets can be finishes with in-mould-labelling as required.

Plastic canisters are also available from 2.500 ml to 30.000 ml in following colours: natural, blue, white, and sometimes black. The canisters generally have UN-approval and accessories such as outlet taps, and large-volume dispenser pumps are possible.

In addition to the normal plastic canisters, collapsible canisters with outer boxes from 3.000 ml to 30.000 ml are available. We can print on the cardboard boxes individually.

an example of the series plastic buckets

an example of the series plastic canister

an example of the series politainer